Friday, January 17, 2014

New Orleans (The Canal)

Happy Friday everyone! I am back...:-) It has been a while, apologies for my absence I had a miner
issue with internet signal at home but it has been solved, finally!
Last weekend Fiancee and I decided to spend the weekend in New Orleans yes guys the city of JAZZ,  as always the city never seize to amaze me but, the most thrilling moments was seeing Fiancee excitement by everything about that city food, music and the bars. 
You all know that I like the best for less, in this colorful outfit was no different, I was in such a festive mood that I used all my key pieces in this outfit. What are  your thoughts about this outfit? Yes/No or/Maybe?
I hope you enjoy it
Thank you for the support

I was wearing:
Zara: (men) Shirt
American Eagle: (Plaid Shirt)
Choies:  (Skirt)
Charlotte Olympia: (Dolly Pumps)
Charming Charlie (sold out) Option
Hermes Birkin: Bag


  1. Love your skirt !!!

  2. Love ur skirt and shoe!


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